About Us

Our Team

We are a highly experienced team of professionals focused on providing solid value and exceptional prices for all our customers, big and small.

Working according to the following principles has led to wonderfully encouraging market feedback and growth of our company, We are excited to continue augmenting our product offer while striving to ensure rapid delivery and responsive customer service.

Precision Manufacturing

Our manufacturing delivers thoroughly high-quality labels, with close attention to all aspects of the product – face stock, coatings, adhesives, glassine and the protective packaging

Same-Day, Fast Shipping

We ship promptly – hence the ‘Now’ in our name! Customers tend to order when they are running very low on stock – with us, the waiting time will be the minimum possible

Top-Notch Support

We are dedicated to providing our customers quality support when needed. We are there to help ensure fast and efficient resolution of any questions or problems, that may arise.